Ski touring

The mountains in Stryn dominates up to more than 2000 meters above sea Level, there are countless opportunities and a few of them just outside the doorstep of Lidasanden.

Stand Up Paddle

This is a great way to experience the Strynsvatn. You stand a large surfboard, and use a long paddle to get around. It a sport for most people, all you need ia a little balance. We have two boards on site, but can get hold of more if you are[…]


One more reason why you should visit us A night under the the stars with your better half, a fun hour for the kids or a relaxing time for sore legs after a long hike. The jacuzzi is located close to the Elvebu cabin, but can be rented by all[…]


A rowing boat to explore Strynsvatn or to go fishing. Trout is the most common fish, but a 10 kg salmon has been caught right off the shore of Lidasanden.


Easy and heavy hikes are availble from the cabin, or a short drive. You can grab this map in the cabins.